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Yin Yang Prosperity Necklace
Yin Yang Prosperity Necklace

Yin Yang Prosperity Necklace

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Yin Yang Prosperity Necklace can help you improve your relationships, success in business, and wealth. The pendant of this necklace shows a dragon and a phoenix facing each other to symbolize the union of yin and yang. The dragon represents "yang," the male energy, while the phoenix represents "yin," which is the female energy. No matter what energy you choose to define yourself with, the energies of this necklace create perfect harmony with yourself and your twin flame.

It is carved in an obsidian stone to remind you not to focus on your flaws and weaknesses. This necklace symbolizes good fortune, happiness, blessings, and prosperity. The Yin Yang Prosperity Necklace will bring you all of these things and more!