About Us

We are always working with the universe and even if we don’t realize it, the workings of the universe hone our physical reality.

When we are more in touch with the universe, we gain more power to use that awareness to create a better reality and life experience.

Manifestation Magic has been in the industry for years and we continue to help individuals boost their manifestation process.

Our aim is to change lives for the better with our products.

Aside from our well-renowned Manifestation Magic specialized brainwave entrainment audios, we expanded to physical products that will boost the way you connect to the divine.

We are devoted to manifestation and the Law of Attraction and we believe in using the right tools to enhance and boost the process of manifestation.

Take your manifestation process to the next level by listening to our audios that will raise your vibrations while you pay homage to where it all started by wearing significant ancient symbols adorned with powerful gemstones around your neck.

We believe that having certain crystals, gemstones, and symbols close to your heart chakra and your physical body is a great way to feel the universe’s presence in your life, therefore, we have quite a selection of necklaces to that you can choose from — and each necklace carries unique powers for specific aspects in your life.

The power of water and its role in boosting crystal energy has paved the way for our crystal-infused water bottles that are not only aesthetically-pleasing but helpful in the law of attraction as well.

Let the universe answer your questions, clear your doubts, or simply aid you in getting your desires to come into life with our rune sets and oracle cards.

Chakra healing has always been highly recommended, and we have a chakra healing set that will work on each chakra.

Take it anywhere with you and attract the energy that you want with either our gemstone bracelet or passion palm.

All of our products are carefully put together because we want to make sure that it will bring every individual abundance, love, and happiness.

Love and light!