Vintage Turquoise Bracelet
Vintage Turquoise Bracelet

Vintage Turquoise Bracelet

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Attract wealth and money and improve your health with the turquoise bracelet. You can wear this beautiful bracelet around your wrist, or place it in significant areas of the home. As a wealth cure, turquoise can be placed in your money area (southeast Bagua area of your home or office).

Place turquoise in the east Bagua area along with one Earth element and one Wood element to create a harmonious energy around the home. 

The turquoise stone is considered as the oldest stone. Back in the early days, the stone served as a stone of protection. For centuries, the stone has been recognized as a powerful stone of protection. Besides that, it’s  also a strengthening stone that can enhance physical and psychic immune systems, which is why it’s a great stone for health. 

The beautiful and soothing turquoise in this bracelet is an efficient healer that emits emotional healing energy. Turquoise can improve overall mood and emotion as it balances and induces a sense of serenity and peace to whoever possesses it.