Money & Success Bead Necklace
Money & Success Bead Necklace
Money & Success Bead Necklace
Money & Success Bead Necklace

Money & Success Bead Necklace

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Are you looking to have a lucky charm of your own? Then the long wait is over.

This Money & Success Bead Necklace will bring you the wealth you desire. It protects you from negative money energies and attracts success into your life. 

It comes in different stones, depending on what you need in life.

Black Agate Stone

This stone can help you achieve your financial goals. It is specially made with the intention of creating an energy field around the wearer that will bring success and abundance to all aspects of their life, particularly their financial life. 

Yellow Tiger Eye

This stone will help you attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life. This is a real money magnet! Tiger Eye has been used for centuries in ancient cultures as a good luck stone. It brings success, good fortune, and abundance into the lives of those who carry it or wear it.

Blue Sandstone

This stone is an excellent aid for those who want to start a new business or project. This stone helps you get rid of old habits and patterns and gives you the courage to pursue your dreams. It also aids in self-acceptance, relieving stress, and encouraging positive communication.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

This is a powerful stone that can help you manifest your dreams. It aligns the third chakra with Divine will, activating your ability to create success in the world. Golden Obsidian can help with any issues related to the will, such as lack of motivation. The energy of this stone is very grounding and protective, bringing clarity and focus to your intentions. You may also find that it helps you to express your gifts in the world more effectively.