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"Magic" Wealth & Lucky Tiger Eye Bracelet
"Magic" Wealth & Lucky Tiger Eye Bracelet
"Magic" Wealth & Lucky Tiger Eye Bracelet
"Magic" Wealth & Lucky Tiger Eye Bracelet

"Magic" Wealth & Lucky Tiger Eye Bracelet

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The rich gold and brown tones of the Tiger’s Eye stone is truly eye-catching. A pseudomorph of Quartz, many individuals are wearing them these days. Aside from its aesthetic, the stone carries with it tremendous power to bring luck, abundance, and wealth to the wearer. 

For that boost of courage to overcome fear or take risks, there’s no better stone to turn to but Tiger’s Eye. It is the stone that can help you build the courage you need in all aspects of your life. 

From courage, the stone is also known to boost the power of one’s wealth attraction and financial breakthroughs. Combined with its ability to boost courage, the wearer can manifest wealth and abundance more easily by harnessing its power. 

Let its power radiate all over your body and feel yourself shaking off the limiting beliefs you have that set you back from reaching your full potential. Find yourself facing your obstacles head-on instead of running away from them. 

It is only when you face them will you be able to reach that much-needed breakthrough that will set you free and reach the deepest desires of your heart. 

With more focus and determination brought by the Tiger’s Eye, you can overcome financial blocks and it will push you to go after your money goals. 

Allow the stone to show you the many paths available to you that will lead you to where your happiness lies.