Labradorite Pendant
Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite Pendant

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Discover the magic of your spirit and its connection to the universe with Labradorite. It is the best stone for fighting off an existential crisis.

A rock star of mystical lore and ancient legends, the Labradorite meaning can be traced back to the native peoples of icy Canada that believed the stone was created from frozen fire, a result of the northern lights.

With its pearly hues that shimmer in a range of iridescent blues and greens, the Labradorite reminds us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible.

Aside from the labradorite’s mesmerizing beauty, it is also the best stone to temper down the negative and helps calm overactive mind and energies.

One of its known powers is to protect the aura by creating a barrier that holds the energy in, where elemental forces are enhanced but at the same time kept in balance ... a great tool to bring back joy, peace, and spontaneity into one’s self and life.