Grounding Tiger Eye Bracelet
Grounding Tiger Eye Bracelet
Grounding Tiger Eye Bracelet

Grounding Tiger Eye Bracelet

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The volcanic stone and tiger eye are the perfect combination for grounding oneself while attracting success.

The black volcanic stone is known for its ability to release anxiety and stress. This is a grounding stone that can strengthen your connection to the Universe. It has the qualities that help the wearer make the right decision whenever it comes to money. If you are having a hard time generating wealth, then this is the stone that will help you welcome success into your life.

The volcanic stone complements the power of the tiger eye stone. After releasing its protective and grounding power, it shifts as an amplifier to boost the tiger eye stone’s effect.

Tiger eye stone is known as a powerful motivator. It is the stone that powerfully represents financial success. This stone will guide you to the path of success, abundance and, prosperity. 

The black volcanic beads surround the golden tiger eye stones, this positioning represents balance and protection. This combination can help ward off negative energies from people, things, and places.

Wear this bracelet on your dominant hand and experience its extraordinary abilities. Watch as endless opportunities start to come along with success, now at the palm of your hands.