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Lucky Black Bagua Pendant
Lucky Black Bagua Pendant
Lucky Black Bagua Pendant
Lucky Black Bagua Pendant

Lucky Black Bagua Pendant

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Balance out your energy levels, get rid of negative vibes, and attract love, fortune, and success with the lucky pendant necklace. 

The pendant features a Feng Shui Bagua with a double dragon and phoenix design, set in a beautiful back obsidian stone. The black obsidian stone is known as the stone of truth; thus, it can help reveal truths in your life and even answer your biggest questions about life and love. 

On the other hand, the dragon in ancient Chinese is believed to contain all the wisdom of heaven and earth within its body. The Dragon & Phoenix also symbolizes achievement and success. Dragon & Phoenix are a symbol of prosperity and good luck. 

The Bagua on the pendant is the energy map that you can use to your advantage to redirect the energy flow to focus on things you need to improve on. It helps assess and enrich every aspect of your life that will also aid in self-discovery. 

Wear the necklace, and feel the positive, energetic vibes wherever you go.